Taxis to Newark Airport and Taxis From Newark Airport

Taxis to Newark Airport – There are many Taxis available to Newark Airport that are also available from Newark Airport. There are also limousine service company’s that limo services from Newark airport transport people to and from the airport in New Jersey. I believe there are many reliable taxis in the Morris County Area. Usually in the Morristown, Florham Park Madison area in NJ. You can do a quick Google search for Morristown taxis or Newark Airport Taxis. Usually you never know what your going to get at the taxi stand at Newark Airport. Not every driver has a GPS. So I like recommend calling ahead of time to make sure you get a car service that has a driver with a GPS and can communicate with you.

If you are flying into north or central NJ your best bet is either Newark International Airport or Allentown airport in PA -vs JFK Airport or Laguardia Airport because of the traffic into Manhattan and Queens. When you call a car service make sure that you know all the prices for the fair. Some company’s quote a low price and when you get picked up they add a fuel charge, sales tax, gratuity and tolls.

Beware of illegal taxis at the airport that don’t have a taxi or limo license. You can tell by looking at there license plates. Taxis have omnibus on their plates and limos have limousine on the plates. This way the car service that you ride with should have commercial insurance if there is ever an accident.

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