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Region = South East England

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  • Generally the more criteria you enter the fewer results you get and the greater chance of no matches at all. Try just entering the basics to start with (e.g. a county). You can always narrow down if you get too many matches.
  • Don't enter more than one geographic level. Enter a town, or a county or a region.
  • County names change and boundaries move. If you can't find a venue under a particular county, try looking under its old/new county name or try the county next door.
  • Are you sure of your spelling? Is it Avington or Avingdon? Try just entering the 1st few letters you are sure of e.g. Avi
  • Is it Esthwaite lake, Esthwaite loch, Esthwaite lough or Esthwaite water? We may disagree so try just entering some of the main part of the venue name e.g esth
  • Not every venue is fully researched just yet so searching on anything other than venue name and/or geography will exclude all those where the additional information is not yet complete.

Database status: Most of the still water venues in England and Wales are present, if not completely up-to-date.
More work is needed on rivers and on Scotland - all contributions gratefully accepted!

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